Seattle Best Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning carpets for 6 years. We've learned to move forward as a company, you have to have the trust and respect of your customers. We take that seriously.


At Seattle's Best Carpet Cleaning we use Rotovac equipment. Our rotary DHX tool spins hundreds of times per minute, outshining old fashioned carpet cleaning wands. Call us today to arrange a cleaning.


Get your couches looking gorgeous again with our Seattle upholstery cleaning. Often people replace their couches and loveseats, when they could just get a good cleaning and restore their upholstery.


We clean everything from coffee stains to cat urine. Call us today and tell us about your hard stain. There is a good chance we can get it out for you, and get your carpet back to how it is supposed to look.

Carpet Cleaning Seattle

When getting your carpets cleaned a lot of people don't know what to look for in a carpet cleaning Seattle company. How do you know which Seattle carpet cleaning company is going to give you the best value? Here at Seattle Best Carpet Cleaning we use Rotovac brand carpet cleaning equipment, which cleans hundreds of cleaning passes a second, leaving behind those old push carpet cleaning wands you probably remember from your childhood.

The thing about those old wands is that really they are just pushing dirt around instead of cleaning it, the suction on those tools just isn't enough to get very much dirt out of the carpet. Our equipment will ensure you get the best clean of your life, and we know after you do that you will want to recommend us to everyone you know. For the best quality carpet cleaning in Seattle call us today! We now offer tile cleaning!

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