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What is included with the cleaning?

Included with the cleaning is a good job done using our Rotovac brand equipment. We use a carpet shampoo called RPM3 at no extra cost which will get all but the nastiest stains out.

What if I have some particularly nasty stains or discoloration?

For tough stains we usually recommend our Stain Treatment addition which we charge $10 a room for, this isn't necessary for mild dirty stains but for feces stains, red spots, odor issues etc we would recommend you have us use our special Stain Magic chemicals to get your carpets as clean as possible.

Do you charge extra for urine treatment?

Urine stained areas are billed at an additional $10 a room as we have to use our special "Urine Pre-Treat" formula on top of the regular RPM3 chemical we apply at the beginning of our jobs.

If I need to reschedule is that a problem?

Rescheduling is not a problem but please try and give us atleast 24 hours notice so I can inform the technician and work out a new time.

Can I get my rug cleaned as well?

Yes, we now offer rug cleaning for your basic carpet fiber rugs. We do not currently offer cleaning for more expensive Persian type rugs as they tend to be more expensive and it's a liability issue.

Are your products safe for pets and babies?

Yes, both our basic carpet shampoo and stain treatment are safe for pets and infants in terms of caustic or unsafe chemicals there is nothing contained in either of the formulas that would be any more dangerous for your pets or children than a regular shampoo you might use in the shower. Aside from that, our how water extraction method will ensure 100% of the chemical is removed by the time we are done cleaning.

What Equipment do you Use?

At Seattle's Best we use the Rotovac DHX rotary carpet wand and a portable extraction unit which draws water from your sink and discards refuse water into your septic system. Our Rotovac brand tools are significantly better than the standard manual wand tools you are probably used to. Please watch the video on the main page of this website for more information.

So call us today to schedule your cleaning and find out we are the best! (877) 589-0548.

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