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Seattle Carpet Cleaning Pricing

All prices are given over the phone, and are established using the pricing information laid out below. Minimum charge to come out: $100 Carpet Cleaning Pricing


Regular set of stairs (15 or less steps): $35
Walk-in closet: $10
Couches: $50
Carpet Cleaning Stain Treatment

On every job we do we use a high powered carpet cleaning shampoo called RPM3, which is sufficient to remove most dirt and mild discoloration. For large and more serious stains we would advise you to have us use our special "Stain Magic" pre-spray in all rooms that are especially bad, our stain treatment costs an additional $10 per room.

If you have cat urine stains we use our special urine pre-treat, our odor eliminator formula and our patented Water Claw, cat urine stains are removed at $10 per stain. Dog urine stains do not need special treatment unless they leave a discoloration, and then that is removed using the regular "stain magic" pre-spray.

Upholstery Cleaning

We charge $20 for chairs and loveseats, and $50 for standard size couches. If you have larger, sectional upholstery then the cost will be determined by how large the area needing a cleaning is compared to the size of an average full sized couch.

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